10 Companies That Enable Publishers to Create Digital Editions of Magazines

There are a wide variety of companies in the digital publishing space. Below are ten that offer ways to take PDF versions of publications and make them available across an array of digital platforms – from page-flip versions to mobile apps. Each company’s pricing structure is a bit different depending on the level of service and number of features publishers opt into. Some offer a simple, free model with no bells and whistles, that lets you upload your publication to a digital version, while many offer digital editions that have e-commerce capability, mobile/tablet optimization and much more.

  1. BlueToad – Over 10,000 titles use BlueToad for digital publishing. The pricing is based on number of pages published, and level of service on your account.
  2. MagCloud – MagCloud is a service of HP, and allows anyone to publish a printed version their own magazine from a PDF file, as well as create a digital edition. The pricing is based on number of pages and type of binding for the printed version.
  3. Nxtbookmedia – Provides digital editions and ways to monetize digital content. Custom pricing.
  4. Issuu – Provides a digital publishing platform that makes content available and optimized on all devices, search engines and social media. Pricing is 0 – $39/month depending on features.
  5. emagcreator – Create emagazines, brochures and other digital publications. Three pricing levels to choose from – over 100 product features.
  6. Yudu – Allows users to publish a wide variety of materials digitally. There is a free version available.
  7. Pressmart– Lets you publish online in the same format as print, and manage subscriptions. Pricing varies by product.
  8. Turnit – Offers a free, basic way to publish magazines online.
  9. zmags – Allows you to publish magazines across platforms and provides analytics. Three levels of pricing.
  10. epaperflip – Allows you to publish digital magazines from PDFs across platforms. Three levels of pricing – from $79.99/issue to $499/issue, depending on level of service.

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