Are IPads Killing Newspapers? Maybe for people who really love their IPads

This survey teaches us that people are moving from print to their tablet devices, in this case the IPad to read the news. But what is a little suspicious is that it claims that people are dropping their print subscriptions at an alarming rate- if they spend more than an hour a day reading news on their IPad.  And out of the 1,600 people surveyed they never actually say how many spend an hour a day reading news on their IPad.

From AdWeek. Full story here

Are iPad Apps Killing Newspapers? Survey Says…

Apple tablet–using respondents canceling paper subscriptions at alarming rate

Dec 9, 2010

– Lucia Moses

Are iPad apps the new newspaper killer? A new survey out today
showed that print newspaper subscribers who are heavy iPad users
are “very likely” to cancel their print subscriptions.

The survey
by the University of Missouri’s Donald W.
Reynolds Journalism Institute is one of the first deep dives into
how people are consuming news content on the eight-month-old device
and its potential impact on print readership.
RJI gathered responses from more than 1,600 iPad users online from
September to November.
The survey showed that 58 percent of respondents who use the Apple
tablet at least an hour a day for news are very likely to cancel
their subscription in the next six months. One in 10 said they had
already done so and have switched to reading digital newspapers on
their iPad.
A potential positive finding for newspapers as they try to charge
people for their digital content is, nine in 10 said they were
likely to use newspapers’ apps to get news, rather than using a Web
browser to go to the papers’ Web sites, most of which are
“These findings are encouraging for newspaper publishers who plan
to begin charging for subscriptions on their iPad app editions
early next year, but our survey also found a potential downside:
iPad news apps may diminish newspaper print subscriptions in 2011,"
said Roger Fidler, RJI’s program director for digital publishing.

In a separate survey released today, GfK MRI found about equal
amounts of adults reading newspapers and magazines via apps or
mobile devices. Four percent of adults reported reading a newspaper
via an app in the past 30 days, compared with 3.7 percent of adults
reading magazine content this way.

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