Fitness Magazine Will Be Featured On Cheerios Boxes

From minonline – Full story here

Fitness Mag Comes to Cheerios Boxes
Friday, January 20, 2012

Back in the day, one of the crowning achievements in a sports career was
seeing that star’s face on a Wheaties cereal box. It is a different era
now, when
people’s own physical state is of greater concern than athlete hero
worship. But cereal boxes remain one of the major platforms from which
to grab consumer attention. And so Fitness magazine partners
with Cheerios for the next six months on a project that brings the
magazine brand to millions of breakfast tables. Multigrain Cheerios
boxes, 7.5 million of them, will feature the magazine as part of a joint
free weight-loss plan offered to consumers.

The Fitness logo on the boxes includes an access code that lets
the user enter a special site at The
weight-loss plan includes two four-week workouts created by Fitness
magazine’s advisory board member and fitness author Joe Dowdell. There
are online videos for each routine. Recipes and snack ideas have been
generated by Fitness contributor Natalie Hancock. In addition
to the logo exposure, the diet plan itself links to the site. As part of a multi-faceted marketing package
with the cereal brand, Meredith Studios is also crafting online videos
that track the progress of three girlfriends. The series will air on
Meredith’s The Better Show. 

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