MediaBytes – Chicago Wellness Magazine

, a bimontly magazine, covers stories that are dedicated to notable professionals and industry which affect well lifestyles


with presence in or attachment to the Chicago area. Publisher Joanne Rusch provided Mediabids  with email responses to our questions.Chicago Wellness Magazine


(MB) Five years from now what role will publications like yours serve? For example, some people predict a complete migration to the web for many types of publications. Do you?
(CWM) My prediction would be that there will still be print media, not as much, but still in existence for
publishers who work hard to provide quality and original content. Recycled news, newswire dumps and lack of creativity will define who survives and who does not, in addition to broadcast and web symmetry.

(MB) Looking forward to 2009, do you have any significant changes in store for the new year?

(CWM) Yes, added value for readership.

(MB) What was your most successful advertising initiative in the past 12 months? 
(CWM) Taking what I call, a Marketorial Approach© – serving my advertisers across multiple platforms, including them in any outside marketing opportunities and events we are involved in and more. Our job should be to serve our readership and our advertisers in the best way possible – always!


(MB) Do you have tips for other publications about the best way to integrate print and web sales?
(CWM) Ask yourself, what do my readers really want? And then implement it across as many platforms as possible.

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