MediaPost – Smaller Newspapers Still Thriving

Not all news in the print industry is bad – this article from MediaPost outlines some of the successes small newspapers are still experiencing. Among the reasons for their continued success is the ability to maximize on the local scope of their publication – to provide excellent content to their local readers and deliver the highly targeted local readership to their advertisers.

Working with advertisers who target locally everyday, we can testify to the existent demand for local print advertising. Local merchants whose target customers work or live within a relatively close distance to their business depend on saturating their local market with their advertisements to promote their business to prospective and existing customers. Many of these advertisers tell us that their local newspaper is the first place that comes to mind as the best place for promotion – in front of radio, television and online.

To find out about the full-range of reasons some small weekly newspapers’ circulation are actually growing, Click Here to view the full MediaPost article.

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