Mobile Efforts Allow Readers to Interact with Print Ads Like Never before

mobile phone Mobile phones have enabled print ads to come to life in new and exciting ways. Here are just a handful of  publications and advertisers that are experimenting with different technology. Augmented reality campaigns (typically campaigns where a user hovers their phone over a print ad and is delivered with   are becoming increasingly popular in publications all over the world.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and Augmented Reality – This advertising campaign links readers to tutorials on their phones on how to apply make-up, shop directly for the products in the ad, watch behind the scenes videos, and enter a sweepstakes.

(Image Source:

Norwegian Ad for Volkswagon– This ad lets readers use their cell phones to "drive" cars down the road featured in the print ad.


(Image Source:

Maybelline Nail Polish – Augmented Reality – This article on Mobile Marketer explains how a nail polish ad for Maybelline lets readers "try on" different colors using a picture of their own hand taken with their cell phone.

 Maybelline Print Ad
(Image Source:

Mercedes Benz Ad -Readers place their phone up to the rear view mirror and it gives them a unique "driving" experience.

Mercedes Ad
(Image Source:

In order to take the next steps with these ads, readers have to download different apps to their smartphones. Once they download the correct app, they can hover it over the scannable image in the print ad to unlock the interactive components of the ad.

Here’s a few companies who have worked with advertisers and publications alike to make advertising more interesting:

Blippar – The Maybelline campaign used Blippar; it looks like they have initiatives going with Ke$ha as well.
ShopAdvisor – ShopAdvisor is working with AllYou Magazine on an e-commerce capabilities from its pages.
Digimarc – Digimarc works with a variety of magazines to insert QR codes to make the content interactive.
Aurasma – Aurasma is an app that provides augmented reality capabilities and has been used in campaigns from Ameritrade to Black Sabbath.

In addition to creating another level of user engagement, these types of print campaigns that link to mobile apps provide advertisers with reader activity like never before. Advertisers have access to app downloads and other stats about reader activity and reader profile details that aren’t typically available with a typical print ad.

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