Newspapers Evolving But Still Important

The Newspaper Association of America can usually be counted on to put the best spin on the difficult situation facing publications. Here is the latest:

"As a researcher, I can share with you what the numbers show about the
newspaper business. Scarborough Research has tracked the audiences of newspapers for more than 35 year. Our 2009 measurements indicate that,
in contrast to stereotypes or misconceptions, readership of newspapers,
while declining, is still relatively strong and part of our routine and
culture. According to our latest newspaper ratings:

·74% of adults read a paper in print or online during the past week. Newspaper readership in some markets reach upwards of 90%.

·19% visited a newspaper website during the past week.

·70% of American adults (18+) read a printed newspaper during an average week.

While the numbers speak for themselves, I understand why readership may
be in question. Media has spent more than a decade incorporating online
platforms into our strategies. Hear the word "newspaper" and we think
exclusively of paper and ink editions. But the reality is that
newspapers have become more than the traditional printed copy.
Scarborough data demonstrates that newspapers are successfully
extending their audiences online, providing a 4% "lift" in readership
to their print companions."

Full story here

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