President’s Day and Classified Ads



So what do classified ads have to with President’s Day? Most of us know that before he became our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln was an attorney in Illinois. It turns out Lincoln was also a classified advertiser. He advertised his firm and, apparently, his marketing/new business events in the classifieds of his local paper. See below….


At Mediabids we know, despite all the attention going to digital and broadcast media, print and print advertising continues to move the needle for advertisers. While Abraham Lincoln’s classified ads may be ”history,” you may be surprised to hear that classified advertising continues to be an important source of revenue for publications. 

Our direct-response advertisers usually offer both display and classified ads and the ad placements in the classifieds generally account for about half of the overall response for each campaign. In short, if you have a publication and you’re not running Mediabids’ advertisers in your classified pages, you are needlessly leaving revenue on the table.

Happy President’s Day!


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