Print Ads Convert like Crazy: MediaBids Shares a Glimpse of Print Advertising Performance

Print Ad Response In a time where digital advertising is all the rage, it may
come as a surprise to marketers that print, one of the oldest forms of
advertising, is producing results that are making advertisers sit up
and take notice.

For over a decade, MediaBids has been an innovator in the
print advertising space, and right now print ads are yielding impressive numbers for
advertisers and interesting data for the ad industry. 

MediaBids’ Per-Inquiry Advertising Program, specifically, places ads from
national advertisers in the print editions of newspapers, magazines and
shoppers across the country on a CPL or CPA basis for companies in
industries such as: Satellite Television, Gifts, Entertainment, Senior
Products, Food/Beverage & Health/Fitness.

Overall, in 2015, the ad placements resulted in over 500,000 phone calls, web visits and

Key Findings from Print Ads in 2015:

Print Conversion Rates Dwarf Other Mediums Average sales
conversion rates across campaigns were 36%
, compared to average online
advertising conversion rates of 1-2%.*

Print Drives High-Intent Consumers.- Average call length for
people calling in response to print ads is 6 minutes, 13 seconds, 50
percent higher than the 4 minutes, 7 seconds for callers responding to
online ads. Print callers have spent the time studying the ad and
familiarizing themselves with the product or service.

Print Reaches Older, Affluent Readers. Respondents to
MediaBids’ print ads are typically over 55, own their own home and have high
discretionary income. Over 47% of callers responding to our print ads do so
from a landline.*

The Most Responsive Consumers to Print Ads Live in These

1.) CA
2.) WI
3.) TX
4.) NY
5.) IA

Top Day of the Week Print Ads Drove Response:

1.) Thursday
2.) Monday
3.) Wednesday

 Most Popular Time of Day for Consumers to Respond to Print
Ads (EST)

1.) 1 p.m.
2.) 3 p.m.
3.) 2 p.m.

So What Does this Mean for Marketers?

With the rise search engine marketing costs, click-fraud
increases and ad-blocking technology, print advertising can be a much needed
source of high-quality leads and new customers. MediaBids program eliminates
some of the risk traditionally associated with newspaper and magazine
advertising, delivering results to advertisers on a pay-for-performance basis.
Join a growing group of advertisers who are rediscovering the power of print.

To learn more, visit or call 1-860-379-9602

*MediaBids Internal Data




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