Print Media’s ”Decline” – A Business Problem Masking the Persistent Strength of the Medium.

I have often heard from friends and others that they don’t read the paper anymore and some have said ”no one does.” I have even heard this from some people in advertising (even media buyers that should know better!!)


While it is true that over the past fifteen years circulation and ad revenue have declined at many large daily papers, it is not ”true” that print media’s value to readers has declined. Based on a recent study by the Luxury Institute, affluent boomers still spend at least three hours a week reading newspapers and magazines. Gen Xers and Millennials do spend less time per week but 80% of Millennials reported reading newspapers and magazines weekly.


At the very least it is interesting that print media remain highly valued (especially by those with money to spend) when digital media is ubiquitous and free and television programming is better (and not to mention there’s more of it) than ever before.

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