Publication Profile: Lincoln 55+ Seniors Paper

 Lincoln 55+ Seniors Paper

 Publication Overview
The Lincoln 55+ Seniors Paper is a full-sized, 32 page, quarterly
publication that is distributed free of charge to our readers. Each
publication contains regular columns, features, and a five page calendar
which many use throughout the 3 months that it covers. The paper is
supplemented with an online edition for reference as well as a WordPress
blog for events that come up between publications. The paper was started in
2001 and has continued uninterrupted since. Owner Keith Larsen purchased the
paper in 2006 and can be reached at Web site is and the blog is at

Reader Profile
Our audience includes Lincoln Nebraska seniors, 55 and up, and their
families. We print 16,000 copies in the spring, summer, fall, and winter
with an estimated 25,000 readers. None are mass mailed as they are picked up
at local businesses by readers who know the paper and want their own copy.
We have a 99.5% pick up rate with fewer than 100 papers left over each


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