Publication Profile: OPTIMUM Magazine

Optimum Magazine


OPTIMUM Magazine provided MediaBids with some insights into its readers, content and more: 


OPTIMUM Magazine is a monthly men's lifestyle magazine targeting men of all
ethnicities and cultures. We offer our readers insightful and sometimes
humorous discussions on music, movies, fashion, politics, sports, health and
fitness, business, money, community affairs and sex and sexuality.
OPTIMUM is always an in-depth and provocative editorial which emphasizes the
importance of a man's well being in his daily life, in his relationships and
with society at large.
More than just the provocative pictorials, OPTIMUM Magazine separates itself from its competitive set by targeting and incorporating a broad male base, ages 21-49, that extends far beyond single cultural society. These efforts, combined with other strategic cross-cultural initiatives, will serve to make Optimum Magazine the most authoritative voice reflecting the diversity of the modern male populace globally. OPTIMUM Magazine is not only diverse but also read by a smarter and more informed person, giving more value and having a bigger impact on their return on investment more immediately. OPTIMUM Magazine has a solid foundation of readers built up from a circulation of 50,000 printed magazines per month and growing. View advertising opportunities in Optimum Magazine on MediaBids


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