Publication Profile: Tantalum Magazine

Tantalum Magazine is a recent addition to
the MediaBids website. We wanted to introduce you to their
magazine and help them share insights about their readers with

Please give us a brief overview of your

Tantalum Magazine was started by Steve Elias last year
as a vehicle that celebrates the collaboration between
photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artist, and models to
bring you beautiful imagery and insightful interviews each
month. We originally were supposed to be a quarterly
publication but the response was so great and overwhelming
from the beginning that we now have enough content to do an
issue every month.


(MB) Who are your readers?
(TM) Our readers range in age from 16-50+, come from all over
the world and across genders as art and beauty being our common

What are some exciting things coming up for
your publication?

(TM) We actually will be doing our very
first triple cover
issue in our May 2012 edition; the covers and content for May
will be pretty epic! In Sept 2012 on our one year anniversary we
will be releasing a coffee table edition with the best
editorials of the first year, so look out for that!

For more information about Tantalum Magazine or to
request rate information, please view their MediaBids profile Here

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