Super Bowl Print Ads?

Another Super Bowl is on the books and another round of much-anticipated television commercials have been revealed and analyzed all over the web.

Taking the road less traveled, here at MediaBids we wanted to take a look at television’s quieter cousin – print – and see what some companies did to tie their brands into the Super Bowl within print ads.We deal with print ads all day, every day, and were happy to see the clever ways advertisers created football-themed ads leading up to the big game.

The best examples we found come courtesy of the Special Edition of USA Today Sports – a special supplement featuring content primarily about last night’s event.

USA Today Sports
Front Page: USA Today Sports

Here’s a few print ads that got our attention –

1.) Walmart

Delicious Candy at Walmart. Who wouldn’t want to be showered by victory candy? 

 2.) Walmart

Game Day Tostitos Glory (also available at Walmart)
Chips salsa and Pepsi look like a glorious combo, indeed.

3.) Target

Clorox (Target) 
Nice use of football plays with a special Cartwheel offer.

4.) Norton Antivirus

Norton also uses similar images of football plays.

5.) Kyros Law Group

Ad from lawyers looking for concussion victims.Striking imagery.

6.) Ad for Next Year’s Super Bowl (Wall Street Journal)

Next Year's Super Bowl Print Ad

It’s never too early to start Super Bowl advertising! This is an ad from the Wall Street Journal from today, Feb. 8 (Day after the 2016 Super Bowl)

This is just a sample of the Super Bowl ads that were out there in 2016. Did you see any interesting Super Bowl ads in your local newspapers? Send them our way and we’ll add them to the list.

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