Survey: 72% of Tablet Owners Buy Fewer Printed Newspapers

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Research: Professionals With iPads Are Deserting Printed Media

Stark new research statistics suggest digital replacement of analogue content is now very high amongst tablet owners.

  • Newspapers: Seventy two percent of worldwide professionals polled by IDG Connect say they are buying fewer since owning an iPad.
  • Books: 70 percent are buying fewer.
  • DVDs: 49 percent are buying fewer.

Asia and the Middle East lead the way with, respectively, 90 percent
and 80 percent of respondents saying they now purchase fewer printed

“These markets for physical media are already in
decline,” the iPad For Business Survey 2012 concludes. “On this
evidence, tablet computing will hasten their demise.

“For advertising- funded media (newspapers and magazines), the
challenges are particularly substantial. Readers who can afford iPads
tend to be more demographically desirable than those who cannot.”

In North America, 15 percent of respondents said they would consider buying an alternative tablet to iPad next time.

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