Survey Says: 82% Take Action As A Result of Newspaper Advertising


This survey shows some very positive numbers for response from newspaper advertising. Most of the vital stats are below. As we have said before, surveys showing that newspaper advertising works are pretty common. What is not common is the ability to show advertisers that it is working for them. At, we do this by incorporating unique 800#s into many of the ads we place. This allows us to show the thousands of advertisers who use our website to buy print ads exactly how many responses (at least by phone) they have received. It isn’t hard and much of the time the results we show validate the findings of surveys like this (this one from, which in the absense of hard data, can seem too good to be true:

July 15, 2009 — Newspaper
advertising remains the leading advertising medium cited by consumers
in planning, shopping and making purchasing decisions, according to
early data from a MORI Research survey of more than 3,000 adults,
conducted on behalf of the Newspaper Association of America (NAA).

study, part of a series entitled “American Consumer Insights,” examined
the impact newspaper advertising has on consumer shopping and spending
patterns. Early results indicate:

  • Nearly six in 10 adults (59%) identify newspapers as the medium they use to help plan shopping or make purchase decisions
  • 82 % of those surveyed said they “took action” as a result of newspaper advertising, including:
    • Clipping a coupon (61%)
    • Buying something (50%)
    • Visiting websites to learn more (33%)
    • Trying something for the first time (27%)
  • 73% of adults say they regularly or occasionally read newspaper inserts
  • 82% have been spurred to action by a newspaper insert in the past month.


Primary Medium for Checking Advertising






Direct mail










None of these


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