Tracking Print Advertising Response

      Many businesses find it difficult to track response to print ads.  Newer tracking methods, and enhancements to old tracking methods,  make it easier to figure out exactly how print ads are performing. Here’s a few methods advertisers we work with use regularly:

Unique Phone Numbers – You can use a phone number platform like RingRevenue to buy unique phone numbers that ring-through to your business phone. After you get your unique phone number, you can place the number in a print ad.  These services track the phone calls made to the phone number in the print ad, so you will be able to see information about how many calls your ad generated and who called in response to the ad.

Unique URLs – Businesses who have websites can set up unique URLs, or use URL shorteners, and then place them in the print ads. Businesses can track activity to the URL, including pages user visits and sales.

Promo Codes – Businesses can come up with or generate Promo Codes that consumers can either enter online, or give over the phone to redeem a special offer. You can use a unique promo code in each ad in each publication.

QR Codes – Services like Tago allow you to create QR codes to place in print ads that readers can scan. Analytics are available so you can see how many scans your QR code received, and depending on what service you use, you may be able to see greater insights about who scanned your codes.

Coupons – Tried and true, coupons are as popular as ever, and if unique offers are placed in different publications, or you use unique coupon codes, they can serve as a great way to measure the effectiveness of a publications.

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