Valentine’s Day Print Ads

Valentine’s Day is THIS WEEKEND! 

Whether you’re excited about it or loathe this holiday, you probably haven’t been spared from multi-channel ad campaigns from a range of businesses looking to help you pump up the romance.

This year, as this article from The Atlantic talks about, on television at least, some companies are going for a different approach – the "Anti-Valentine’s Day Ad", where companies stray away from, and even in some cases, make fun of, traditional Valentine’s Day messaging.They mention this Dairy Queen ad, which does a pretty great job of satirizing some of the more common jewelry commercials.

(YouTube Via The Atlantic)

 So, we decided to look at some recent editions of newspapers and magazines and see if advertisers took a similar satirical approach there, but we found pretty traditional messaging –

  (NY Times)

Macy’s argues that roses don’t last, but jewelry does. 

  (Wall Street Journal)

1-800-FLOWERS would likely not approve of that message. 

(People Magazine)

Burt’s Bees takes a more subtle approach with heart imagery. 


(New York Times)

 Cartier uses bursts of red to compliment Valentine’s Day messaging.

  (New York Times)

Tiffany & Co., in contrast sticks, with simple black & white to convey the beauty of their jewels. 

  (Various Print Pubs – Newspapers – Want to Run this Ad?)
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MediaBids wishes you and yours a great Valentine’s Day weekend.

 Love Heart 28



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