Free TeleSeminar Thursday, September 19: Advertising Sales Leaders: Physicians Mutual Insurance, What Defines Their Ad Spend?


Advertising Sales Leaders:  Physicians Mutual Insurance, What Defines Their Ad Spend?

Join media/advertising sales expert Ernest F. Oriente, the founder of PowerHour, LLC [ ] the founder of the live weekly PowerHour Advertising Sales Academy [ ] and Jedd Gould, CEO of MediaBids [ ] for a free MediaBids PowerHour on Thursday, September 19th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern/New York time focused on Physicians Mutual Insurance, What Defines Their Ad Spend?

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During this 60-minute MediaBids PowerHour we will be discussing the points below plus fielding your specific questions:

Physicians Mutual Insurance Company was founded in 1902 in Omaha, Nebraska. Physicians Mutual offers a wide variety of health and life insurance products, ranging from hospital and medical insurance policies to Medicare Supplement, from dental insurance to annuities to whole and term life insurance.

Join us will be Trish Hooker and Curtis Krogman, who are both from the Physicians Mutual Direct Marketing Group. In their roles at Physicians Mutual, Trish and Curtis are responsible for marketing their products across a wide range of media options. In our teleseminar, we explore the process they use to make their marketing decisions.

#1.  Who are the Physicians Mutual customers? What steps are taken to define their best audience for marketing?

#2.  Once an audience is identified for marketing, how is the decision made where to allocate their marketing ad spend?

#3.  How are marketing ad responses tracked?  How do they measure cost-per-result, lifetime value and ROI?

#4.  What print/digital mediums and ads, perform the best? Is there a difference in the performance of ad mediums based on the type of insurance being sold?

#5.  Attribution and ad leakage, how is this tracked and measured?

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When:  Thursday, September 19th.

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