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More New Print Advertisers! Great Products for Seniors!

MediaBids is pleased to offer a great new line of ads from a variety of products that cater specifically to the senior market. These items make life easier, and the ads are highly compelling. When you run one or more of these ads, you’ll get paid each time a reader makes a qualifying phone call. Take a look at a few of the print ads you can run in the pages of your next edition:

Wow! Computer

Wow! Computer is an easy to use computer made especially for older individuals.
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The Perfect Sleep Chair

The Perfect Sleep Chair fully reclines but also tips forward to make it easier to get out of the chair. Click Here to Request an Ad


Jacuzzi Hydrotherapy Shower

This unique shower uses strategically placed jets of water to help relieve pain.
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If you have questions about any of these ads, or would like to learn more about how MediaBids can help your publication, please call 860-379-9602 or email pihelp@mediabids.com

Players in the Perfomance Advertising Space

focus on results

Who pays a CPM for ad space anymore? A decreasing number of advertisers.

With the advent of Google AdWords, which allows businesses to pay for online advertising only when a consumer clicks an ad, a new era was ushered in where businesses no longer were restricted to purchasing ad space on solely a CPM Basis. This new era is the age of performance-based advertising, where how the ad performs is tied very closely to the cost of the ad exposure itself.

From our print corner of the world, we’ve seen this change happen gradually over the last decade. When we started, CPM was the only way to buy and sell newspaper and magazine advertising. Now, an increasing number of options are available, both in print and digitally. MediaBids offers a unique Performance-Based Print Advertising program, where we place newspapers in print editions of newspapers and magazines on a pay-per call or CPA basis.

Pay-Per-Call – Pay-per-call is becoming the marketing model of choice for advertisers who have call centers that can convert and/or are good at lead nurturing. Networks are popping up everywhere that promise businesses phone traffic on a pay-per-call basis – mostly focusing on mobile calls. Some of the big networks are Ring Partner, Call Marketplace, and Click2Call Network.

CPA/RevShare – Affiliate networks abound such as Affiliate by Conversant, Rakuten Linkshare and Impact Radius.

Pay-Per-ClickGoogle, Yahoo, and Bing are the granddaddies of the pay-per-click ad space but Facebook, LinkedIn and other Social Networks are offering their own platforms that provide very granular audience targeting.

Performance Guarantee – In TV and Radio, a few performance-marketing agencies exist that work on a blended performance model – often packaging a results guarantee with an upfront cost. A few companies we work with often are Barrington Media Group, who is in the radio advertising space, as well as Mercury Media, who is in the TV space but but also handles other mediums.

For advertisers, it is an exciting time where more options are available than ever before to minimize the risk of ad buying. For publishers, if you’re not thinking of how to offer a performance-based advertising model for your properties, you should be.

Post by Jess Greiner.