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Generating First-Party Data from Print Ads

A topic on many marketers minds these days is how to overcome the challenge of a “cookie-less future” – some of the most popular ways to acquire and leverage third-party data will soon be no more. The good news? There’s still a trusted, proven way to generate super high-quality FIRST-party data for your brand AND set your ads apart from the competition – PRINT ADS in newspapers and magazines.

How? With some thoughtful touches to print creative, each response to an ad can provide valuable customer lead data. If you are able to take inbound calls, overlay a unique phone number from a vendor like www.invoca.com or www.retreaver.com and you can receive unique information about each caller – from demographic info all the way to explicit conversation intelligence that maps out their behaviors and preferences. If you create a unique lead form or web page to feature in the print ad, prospects can opt-in to provide you with personal information to add to your database. Tools like www.unbounce.com can make it easy to create landing pages on the fly with form submissions that are importable to most CRMs.

Newspapers and magazines still provide a valuable brand awareness opportunity, but as a direct-response channel they are more measurable than ever before. Print ads that MediaBids placed in 2021 generated over 200,000 qualified leads for our advertisers. Print readers respond; print readers are your next new set of customers.

Holiday Campaigns for Your Print Edition

The holidays are fast approaching!  The ads below are now available to run in your print edition. Generate revenue each time one of your readers makes a purchase! Click on the links below to request individual ads or fill out the form below to request them all.

Omaha Steaks            Hale Groves        Pittman & Davis          SeaBear

omaha   hale  pittman    seabear

Submit the Form Below to Request All Four!

Questions about MediaBids Performance Ads? Call 860-379-9602 or email pihelp@mediabids.com

Some of The Top Ads So Far in 2017

2017 is flying by. Taking a look at what ads/service categories are popular this year with newspaper readers, here’s a few ads that generate a lot of interest…

1.) Physician’s Mutual


2.) Canada Drug Center

CDCAd Sample

3.) Dish Network




5.) Health Hotline


Print Ads Are 100% Viewable

doodle Black And White Cute Cartoon Eyes

An article this morning on The Drum discussed concerns from advertisers over digital ad viewablity.

Digital advertising has drawn  a huge portion of ad dollars away from print over the past decade. Its transparency, click/conversion tracking capabilities, distribution potential as well as granular targeting have won over the minds of most marketers. But, digital advertising is not perfect, and advertisers are starting to have some serious concerns about how often their digital ads are actually seen.

According to Digiday, “up to 54 percent of (digital) ads aren’t viewable“. That means marketers are wasting up to half of their digital advertising budgets are ads that will never be seen by anyone.

In the course of this article, Robert Thompson, the CEO of News Corp. made a great point in favor of print ads –

“As I’ve said before and it’s worth emphasizing again, every print ad is 100% viewable.”

So true. Not only are print ads 100% viewable, but they’re also acted upon. From just the ads we place in print, we see thousands of phone calls a day. Print ads are less intrusive. Print ads have longevity. Print ads deserve a bigger place in the minds of marketers.




More Senior-Oriented Performance Print Campaigns Available!

In addition to the advertisers we told you about last week – we’re pleased to announce that we’ve added even more great senior-oriented products to our performance print advertising program. Your newspaper or magazine can run these ads and you’ll get paid when they generate a qualifying phone call. Click on the image or links for more information and to request an ad. Call us at 860-379-9602 with any questions about these campaigns.

JitterBug Cell Phone


Breadcrumbs II Personal Locator


Perfect Choice HD

Jacuzzi Walk-In Tub

9 Inch Portable Digital TV


New Print Advertiser – HelloFresh!


HelloFresh makes it easy to cook healthy, delicious food at home. They provide customized mail-order recipes and complete food kits all across the US.

If you have a publication, you can run this ad in your newspaper or magazine and you’ll get paid each time a reader uses the unique promo code featured in the ad.

To request an ad, click here: https://www.mediabids.com/campaign/details/hello-fresh/?pici=41056

We’ll make the ad to your specs, and get it to you in time for your next edition.

HelloFresh is part of our Performance Print Advertising Program that drives new business to advertisers and new revenue to publications. Contact us at info@mediabids.com or call 860-379-9602 with any questions about how our program works, or about this advertiser.

3 Easy Ways to Generate Sales from Print Ads

Sale Concept Clipped Cards and Lights

If you are placing ads in newspapers and magazines with the intention of trying to get consumers to pick up the phone to purchase something, or buy online immediately, there’s three types of offers that we see advertisers have success with in print time and time again.

Unlike online ads, it’s harder to get print readers to take action immediately. Online, if a person sees a banner with an offer they like or good promo code they can click on the banner ad and immediately be directed to the product for purchase.

With print advertising, it takes a little more effort on the consumer’s part to make a purchase. They either have to pick up their phone and call from the ad, or retype a URL and/or promo code to redeem the offer online.

No matter what it is you’re advertising in print, if you feature one or more of these three things in the ad creative itself, it will increase your chances of a sale.

1.) Deep Discount – Do you get those Bed Bath and Beyond coupons in the mail so much you almost begin to expect 20% off when you visit? Brands need to make their offers stand out – if you’re going to spend money on print – feature a sale that will make the readers stand up and take notice. Feature as deep of a discount as you can – 40-50% off get great response for our advertisers. Why is Groupon successful? Because consumers know they’re getting a great deal.

One of the advertisers we work with who gets great results doing this is Dancing Deer Baking Company. Here’s a sample of their latest ad:


2.) Giveaway – Is there something that you can offer that is not too costly to you, but will be an exciting bonus to consumers? If so, include it in your ad. A good example of this is one of our advertisers, Omaha Steaks. They always include great freebies to the consumers in their offer, and year after year their ads get great results.


3.) Limited-Time Offer –  When a deal has a short life-span, it can move people to take action. Seasonal or short-term offers often yield great response for our advertisers.


Looking for more advice on effective creative? Our design team is happy to help. Call MediaBids at 860-379-9602 or send us an email at marketing@mediabids.com

Mobile Help Now & Inogen Portable Oxygen Ads

MediaBids is pleased to offer new pay-per-call and CPL ads from two new advertisers. These ads can be run in print editions of newspapers and magazines – custom sizing is available. Publications get paid every time a reader makes a qualifying response to the ad.

New clients include:

Mobile Help Now – MobileHelp is a medical alert system that travels with folks, alerting help wherever it is needed. Request an Ad Now

Inogen Portable Oxygen  – Inogen offers a handy, portable oxygen tank that might be covered by Medicare. Request an Ad Now




10 Non-Traditional Easter Themed Print Ads

Believe it or not, March is winding down and Easter Sunday is this weekend! To celebrate, we took a look through a variety of newspaper and magazine advertising archives to find some Easter ads that stood out beyond the traditional chocolate and bunnies.  Here’s a look at some unique ads and content from over the years. Click on each image to view the full size ad.

Ad Sources:
1. https://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/scandic_hilton_easter
2. http://library.duke.edu/digitalcollections/adaccess_BH1841/
3. https://adsoftheworld.com
4. http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov
5. http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov
6. http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov
7. https://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/thwaites_wainwright_ale_easter_eggs
8. http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov
10. http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov


Newest Advertiser Additions to MediaBids

We’re  always working to help provide newspapers & magazines with an additional revenue stream. Part of the way we do this is through our Per-Inquiry Print Advertising Program, which provides newspapers and magazines with a commission every time you drive a call, lead or sale to our participating advertisers.

Always on the lookout for offers and advertisers that work well in a wide range of publications, we’re happy to welcome our newest group to the mix.

Our newest advertiser additions are a diverse group that run the gamut from home security to tax preparation. To learn more about each advertisers or request a custom-sized ad for your publication, click on the image below. As always, if you have questions, call MediaBids at 860-379-9602 or email publicationhelp@mediabids.com.

View All Ad Campaign Details Here & Request Custom-Sized Ads