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Vintage Christmas Ads

The holidays evoke so much emotion, and advertising plays an integral role in connecting emotion with commerce. Here’s a look at a few vintage ads to get you in the holiday spirit.

Kodak: Looking at the price points from this ad from the Youth’s Companion magazine in 1900, one can’t help but long for yesteryear. On the upside, cameras have become much more portable.

Coty: In this Coty ad from Redbook in 1947, beautiful artwork positions this perfume as a lovely gift that is sure to bring the love.


J. Walter Thompson: The quality craftsmanship of jewelry in 1904 makes some of the offerings available today look paltry in comparison.


Radio: Can you imagine a 3 1/2 lb. radio positioned as a lightweight item? So unbelievable how times have changed from the 40’s.


Philco Television: There’s certainly TV’s in the 1947 price range these days, but they look a lot different. At this time in American history, television was still evolving as the main form of entertainment for the family as well as an additional source of mass communication (in addition to radio & print, of course).


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10 Non-Traditional Easter Themed Print Ads

Believe it or not, March is winding down and Easter Sunday is this weekend! To celebrate, we took a look through a variety of newspaper and magazine advertising archives to find some Easter ads that stood out beyond the traditional chocolate and bunnies.  Here’s a look at some unique ads and content from over the years. Click on each image to view the full size ad.

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