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Q&A with Our Newest Advertiser – Home Chef


MediaBids is pleased to welcome Home Chef to its print advertising affiliate program!

Home Chef is a food delivery service that sends customers everything they need to prepare home-cooked, delicious, healthy meals in around 30 minutes. Sample menu offerings include: Bistro Steak Frites, Grilled Salmon with Lemon-Dill Yogurt Sauce and Healthy Takeout Sweet and Sour Chicken. Here’s a little bit more about the company, from the Director of Digital Marketing at Home Chef, Shane Smith:

1.) Can you give us a quick overview of how Home Chef works?  Home Chef allows customers to choose from a selection of 13 new meals each week on our website.  We then deliver fresh, pre-portioned ingredients to the customer’s home.  The delivery comes with an easy-to-follow recipe card which allows customers to cook tasty meals in about 30 minutes.

Our goal is to make dinner special by offering a convenient, fun and delicious alternative to the time consuming process of meal prepping and grocery store shopping.

2.) What makes Home Chef stand out among other meal delivery services? At Home Chef, we pride ourselves on selection.  We offer 13 new meal options each week and that variety sets us apart.  We also have vegetarian, low-carb, low-calorie and gluten free options.  No matter your dietary preferences, Home Chef has you covered.

ABC 7 New York launched an independent review of meal kit delivery services and Home Chef compared very favorably against other meal kit services and the grocery stores.

3.) What are some of the most popular meal choices? Some fan favorites include the Parmesan-crusted sirloin steak, the Thai pork lettuce wraps, and the Fried goat cheese and arugula salad.

4.) Can you tell our publishers a little bit about Home Chef’s customers? Home Chef customers enjoy cooking but are tired of the hassle associated with meal planning, grocery store shopping & cooking time-consuming recipes.  Females in particular are big fans of Home Chef but we resonate well with any busy person who enjoys home cooking but is looking for a more convenient option.

If you are with a newspaper or magazine, you can run Home Chef’s ad in your next print edition by clicking here:

If you’d like to try Home Chef and receive $30 off your first order, use promo code meal1 at checkout.

We’ll make this attractive ad specifically to your specs, and get it to you by your next deadline. Call 860-379-9602 with any questions or email 


Why Newspapers Should Pay Attention to Reddit’s Affiliate Ad Test

Monetization written in search bar on virtual screen

A few days ago,  Reddit announced they are working with a company called VigLink to test a way to make money from links to products that Reddit users post.

Essentially, each time a Reddit user posts a link (to over 5,000 merchants that participate in VigLink’s affiliate program), the link will automatically have tracking code added to it. When someone clicks on said link and buys something, Reddit will earn revenue from the sale.

Here’s an example of what one of the links would look like:

Source: Reddit

Cool. Seems like a worthwhile test from Reddit to see if they can create a revenue source from the massive amounts of content created on their platform.

So how does this apply to newspapers?

Every newspaper has a website. If digital direct sales are slowing, perhaps it’s time to engage with a service like VigLink to monetize the vast amount of content that they produce. Newspapers can also use online affiliate networks like Impact Radius to run digital ads alongside their online content. Newspapers get paid when their readers make a sale from the ads from the affiliate network, or potentially from sales generated from links provided by a company like Viglink.

Here at MediaBids, we’ve been working to create our own print affiliate program, and believe that the unique content newspapers produce can and should be monetized much in the same way online content has been. We track sales through online and offline tools, and sales attribution technology is getting better everyday.

Affiliate ads work in both print and online media.  Newspapers have the high-quality content that attracts affluent shoppers. Affiliate advertising within newspapers online and offline versions could be a match made in affiliate heaven – or at minimum – a complement to other revenue strategies.

Post by Jess Greiner