Consumer Demand, Phone Calls & Print Advertising

r7bodru  Here at MediaBids we’ve been evaluating consumer response to print ads for nearly ten years. As a part of our performance-based print advertising program we’ve created, (known as our Per-Inquiry Advertising Program) we place unique phone numbers in thousands of ads in newspapers and magazines every year.

What Ads Generate the Most Consumer Response?
Year after year a few campaigns stand out, and those are our chat-line campaigns, specifically an advertiser called Livelinks. On a per-ad basis, this client generates more phone calls than any other consistently month after month. Red Hot, Vibe Line and Guy Spy are also chat line ads that target slightly different consumers, but both brands provide a service that connects callers with other callers in their area for dating and entertainment.



Other ads that perform well are from companies in the Telecom space such as satellite television and internet/TV bundles. 

Phone Calls Vs. Clicks

In the thousands of phone calls we drive a day to our clients, one thing stands out above all – Phone calls are far more valuable to businesses than clicks.

According to a study conducted by Invoca, the leading phone call tracking software we use for our program, phone calls across all mediums convert at a rate of 30% – 50%! That dwarfs online conversion rates of 1 – 2% of sales from clicks.

In the coming weeks we will take an even deeper dive into our advertiser campaigns and phone call data. Stay tuned.

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