The Top 5 Reasons Community Newspapers are Thriving

vintage newsboy with newspaper

Editor & Publisher published a short piece today that shared some bright news about the newspaper industry.

In their article, “Despite Doom and Gloom, Community Newspapers are Growing Stronger”  they reveal that community newspapers are still finding success – contrary to seemingly endless discussions about the death of the medium. Many of the publishers they interviewed shared that their circulation and revenue are growing, and they don’t see that changing any time soon.

So why are community newspapers faring better than their larger, metro counterparts?

1.) Local News Focus – By limiting the geographic area they cover, community newspapers can dive deep into their local coverage and provide unique content that is not offered in abundance online.

2.) Low Overhead – Many community newspapers are able to run successfully from small offices, with a small staff.

3.) Adaptability – Without having huge bureaucratic structures in place, community newspapers can change strategy quickly and implement changes more easily that larger, complex organizations.

4.) Accessibility to Sources – Social media such as Facebook have given local reporters easier access to the people they’re looking to interview for their stories.

5.) Community Involvement – Having a local office, with a local presence enables the newspaper to become an active part of the community it’s covering, leading to more favorable views from its readership and greater insights into the social structure of the area it serves.

Here at MediaBids, we believe in the power of print and see community newspapers producing great results for our advertisers each and every day. We look forward to sharing unique data about community newspaper advertising response rates very soon – stay tuned.

Post by Jess Greiner


One thought on “The Top 5 Reasons Community Newspapers are Thriving

  1. Wonderful post. As an employee of a small alt. weekly, we always look for ways to engage our community and create a bond between our news and our readers. Here’s to gaining advertisers to help boost revenue and keep local, free, and independent papers alive!

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