List of Newspaper & Magazine Assocations

Newspaper & magazine associations are a great resources for publications and advertisers alike. They can provide publications with new sales tools, training, research, group ad sales and more. Additionally, associations like NAA & MPA compile valuable statistics that can be used by both sales teams and advertisers to analyze the effectiveness of print advertising in certain categories. To check out the regional and national associations, click on any of the links below – to view a complete list of national & international, DMOZ has compiled a great directory.

National Associations
AAN – Association of Alternative Newsweeklies
AFCP – Association of Free Community Newspapers
MPA  – Magazine Publishers of America
NAA – Newspaper Association of America
NNA – National Newspaper Association
NNPA – National Newspaper Publishers Association
SNA – Suburban Newspapers of America

State/Regional Associations
Alabama Press Association (APA)
Arizona Newspapers Association (ANA)
California Newspaper Publishers Association
Community Papers of Florida (CPF)
Iowa Newspaper Association
IPA – Inland Press Association
MFCP – Midwest Free Community Papers
Minnesota Free Paper Association (MFPA) 
Missouri Press Association
NENA – New England Newspaper Association
New Jersey Press Association (NJPA)
– New York Press Association
Ohio Newspaper Association (ONA)
– Pacific Northwest Newspaper Association
SNPA – Southern Newspaper Publishers Association
WNPA – Washington Newspaper Publishers Association

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