Magazines Continue to be Vital to Readers

Magazine advertising continues to be
a vital ad medium, driving continuous business to companies with every ad they
If you’re going to buy magazine advertising, buy
it the easy way
. Some things to keep in mind when you’re planning your next
marketing campaign –

  1. Magazine
    readership has grown over the past five years. (Source: MRI)
  2. Average
    paid subscriptions reached nearly 300 million in 2009.
    (Source: MPA estimates based on ABC first and second half 2009 data)
  3. 4 out of 5
    adults read magazines. (Source: MRI)
  4. Magazines
    deliver more ad impressions than TV or Web in half-hour period. (Source:
    McPheters & Company)
  5. Magazine
    readership in the 18 to 34 segment is growing. (Source: MRI)
  6. Since
    Facebook was founded, magazines gained more than one million young adult
    readers. (Source: MRI)
  7. The
    average reader spends 43 minutes reading each issue. (Source:
  8. Magazines
    are the No. 1 medium of engagement – across all dimensions measured.
    Simmons’ Multi-Media Engagement Study find magazines continue to score
    significantly higher than TV or the Internet in ad receptivity and all of
    the other engagement dimensions, including "trustworthy" and "inspirational."
    (Source: Simmons Multi-Media Engagement Study)
  9. Magazines
    and magazine ads garner the most attention: BIGresearch studies show that
    when consumers read magazines they are much less likely to engage with
    other media or to take part in non-media activities compared to the users
    of TV, radio or the Internet. (Source: BIGresearch
    Simultaneous Media Usage Study)
  10. Magazines
    outperform other media in driving positive shifts in purchase
    consideration/intent. (Source: Dynamic Logic)

Magazines rank No. 1 at influencing consumers to start
a search online – higher than newer media options. (Source:
BIGresearch Simultaneous Media Usage Study) 

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