Power of Print Video

From MIN: 

As part of its new promotion of magazines to consumers and advertisers
alike, the ‘Power of Print’ campaign launched a video into the YouTube
ecosystem yesterday. The lions (and lionesses) of print—Time Inc. CEO
Ann Moore, Condé Nast president and CEO Charles Townsend, Wenner Media
chairman Jann Wenner, Hearst Magazines president Cathie Black and
Meredith National Media Group president Jack Griffin—all mock the
bloggers and pundits who have declared the death of print at the hands
of the Internet.

“What actually happens is that people find room in their lives for the
new medium alongside the media they already love,” says Moore. This
will continue as long as the old media continue to provide “an
irreplaceable value,” adds Townsend.

Watch it here . The video is part of the multititle in-print push
to defend and promote the enduring value of magazines. The campaign
will appear across thousands of ad pages in scores of titles in coming

The YouTube video has been viewed just over 3,100 times as of this morning.

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