Top 10 Reasons to Advertise in Magazines

The Magazine Publishers of America recently updated their free Magazine Handbook which provides compelling information and research regarding the effectiveness of magazine advertising.  The Top 10 reasons, as described by the MPA, are as follows:

1.) Magazines & Magazine Ads Garner Greater Attention
2.) Magazine Advertising is Valuable Content
3.) Magazines Supply Credibility
4.) Magazine Advertising Performs Consistently Throughout the Purchase Funnel
5.) Magazine Advertising Sells & Influences
6.) Magazine Advertising Drives Web Searches & Visits
7.) Magazine Advertising Improves ROI
8.) Magazine Advertising is Relevant and Targeted
9.) Magazines Deliver Reach
10.) Magazine Audiences Accumulate Rapidly – With Lasting Impact 

To view the research and studies involved in creating the Top 10 – and read more interesting information about the role of magazines within the advertising arena as a whole – download the free Magazine Handbook from the MPA.

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