N/E/W/S Report, Wednesday, 3.9.16


This week’s N/E/W/S Report we focus on a daily paper with a Sunday edition circulation of 50,000 to 75,000 in the ”North” region of the country. We’ve cataloged and analyzed the display ads that ran in Main News on March 6, 2016.


  • In terms of number of ads and total ad space, the ”Health/Medical” category is number one with twelve ads and 140 inches of space. These twelve ads represent 30% of all the ad space in the Main News, however, the average ad size is only 12 inches of space (or about 83% the average size of the ad that ran in Main News.) If one of these Health/Medical advertisers were to increase the size of their ad (and/or switch to color), it could be a competitive advantage.
  • ”Automotive” is the second largest category, with total ad space with 136.50 inches,  but in this case the ad space is spread over just three ads and the average size of the ads are 300% larger than the average size of the ads in Main News. Which ad category do you think captured more eyeballs?
  • The remaining seven categories of advertisers had a total of eighteen ads and included 184 inches of ad space. The average ad size was about 10 inches (or about 70% the average size of all ads in Main News.) One takeaway here is that there are a lot of categories without much competitive depth and a small share of voice for each category. These should be compelling points to make with local advertisers that are not currently in the paper.

NEWS Report Evansville Courier

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