3 Easy Ways to Generate Sales from Print Ads

Sale Concept Clipped Cards and Lights

If you are placing ads in newspapers and magazines with the intention of trying to get consumers to pick up the phone to purchase something, or buy online immediately, there’s three types of offers that we see advertisers have success with in print time and time again.

Unlike online ads, it’s harder to get print readers to take action immediately. Online, if a person sees a banner with an offer they like or good promo code they can click on the banner ad and immediately be directed to the product for purchase.

With print advertising, it takes a little more effort on the consumer’s part to make a purchase. They either have to pick up their phone and call from the ad, or retype a URL and/or promo code to redeem the offer online.

No matter what it is you’re advertising in print, if you feature one or more of these three things in the ad creative itself, it will increase your chances of a sale.

1.) Deep Discount – Do you get those Bed Bath and Beyond coupons in the mail so much you almost begin to expect 20% off when you visit? Brands need to make their offers stand out – if you’re going to spend money on print – feature a sale that will make the readers stand up and take notice. Feature as deep of a discount as you can – 40-50% off get great response for our advertisers. Why is Groupon successful? Because consumers know they’re getting a great deal.

One of the advertisers we work with who gets great results doing this is Dancing Deer Baking Company. Here’s a sample of their latest ad:


2.) Giveaway – Is there something that you can offer that is not too costly to you, but will be an exciting bonus to consumers? If so, include it in your ad. A good example of this is one of our advertisers, Omaha Steaks. They always include great freebies to the consumers in their offer, and year after year their ads get great results.


3.) Limited-Time Offer –  When a deal has a short life-span, it can move people to take action. Seasonal or short-term offers often yield great response for our advertisers.


Looking for more advice on effective creative? Our design team is happy to help. Call MediaBids at 860-379-9602 or send us an email at marketing@mediabids.com

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