Delicious Gifts for Dad – Advertiser Profile: SeaBear Wild Salmon

Mike  Mondello, President & CEO at SeaBear

Here at MediaBids, we are excited to work with some of the top gift giving companies in the country. This Father’s Day, we’re fortunate enough to be working with SeaBear Wild Salmon – an online provider of delicious, wild-caught salmon and other tasty seafood delights. We’re talking today with Mike Mondello, President & CEO at SeaBear, to learn a bit more about this company, and what makes their salmon such a great gift.

(MediaBids) Hi Mike. Can you give us a quick intro about yourself, and tell us a bit about SeaBear’s history?

(Mike Mondello) I’ve been President of SeaBear for almost 20 years of the company’s nearly 60-year history.  SeaBear started back in 1957 when Anacortes, Washington fisherman Tom Savidge and his wife Marie built a backyard smokehouse and began selling smoked salmon to local taverns and restaurants.  When his customers started asking for a product that lasted longer, Tom created a whole new way of packaging salmon, and received a patent for his invention.  The Gold Seal Pouch is now used industry-wide to preserve salmon naturally in its own juices so that refrigeration isn’t necessary until the pouch is opened.  Following this innovation, Tom’s smoked salmon became a favorite for tourists in our area, and for locals wanting to send a gift from home across the country.  Now approaching our 60th anniversary, SeaBear is known nationally for that same delicious Northwest Style smoked salmon – one of the world’s truly great regional food traditions – as well as delicious wild halibut, cod, crab; full meals for entertaining; and gift baskets featuring spectacular foods from the Pacific Northwest.

(MediaBids) What makes SeaBear stand out among other seafood companies?

(Mike Mondello) Customers know that when they choose SeaBear, their products will be pure, natural, wild, sustainably-caught, and handcrafted in small batches.  That is the SeaBear difference.  And, with each and every opportunity, we strive to thrill our customers, and we back it with our Fisherman’s Oath unconditional guarantee that if they aren’t happy with the product or service they receive, we will immediately do what it takes to make it right.  That vision feels as right today as it did when SeaBear began almost 60 years ago.

(MediaBids) Can you tell us a little bit more about the Father’s Day Gifts you feature in your ad?

We are so excited to offer folks these spectacular Pacific Northwest specialty seafoods with a great introductory discount.  Our 2 lb. Wild King Smoked Salmon fillet is an impressive limited offering that will make an awesome gift for Dad, or even for a Summer gathering or graduation party.  Sealed in the Gold Seal pouch, this fillet comes ready to open and serve, and arrives in our award-winning gift box for a gorgeous presentation.

Our Good to be King Feast is a delicious indulgence that is perfect to send to the seafood lover. An excellent meal for two or more, this collection includes two 6 oz. fillets of our Smoked King Salmon, two full pounds of Wild Alaskan Red King Crab legs & claws that are pre-cooked, and our limited edition King Crab & Salmon Chowder.  This is truly a meal fit for a king!

And finally, our Fresh & Wild salmon is perfect for dads who love to grill or cook.  Each Summer, we offer remarkably fresh fish from some of the coolest places on Earth – hand-filleted and shipped fresh (never frozen) on ice for a fresh seafood experience like none other. We call these our “Fresh & Wild” events, and we offer different limited catch each week throughout the Summer.  For Father’s Day, we will feature wild Sockeye salmon from the legendary Copper River — the most celebrated wild salmon run in the world —  a truly memorable experience for Dad to enjoy on his special day.

(MediaBids) How do you typically market your product, and what excites you about print?

Many of our customers come from word-of-mouth referrals, and have been with us for decades, which we love!  Customers receive our catalogs throughout the year, and we send them to a wider audience periodically.  What excites us about advertising in print with the MediaBids partners is reaching an audience that might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn about our company.  With special pricing on some of our most popular products – and an unconditional guarantee – I’m sure these readers will find this to be the perfect time to try.

Note: To order any of the Father’s Day specials , call 800-928-1457 or visit and use promo code 50DAD16 to receive $20 off the Good to be King Feast, 2lb. Smoked Salmon fillet or the King’s Grill!

Sample SeaBear Ad:


To request a SeaBear ad for your newspaper or magazine, click HERE

Post by Jessica Greiner, MediaBids

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