Print Ad Rate Q&A’s

  Why do most publications have different rates for
national advertising and local retail advertising?

Many publications have additional circulation outside of their geographic
locales. For local retailers, this additional circulation would be of
limited use. Therefore, local rates are usually lower.

What’s the open rate? The open rate is one ad run one time…with no further commitment. This is
different from a contract rate, which may be based on volume, frequency,
or both.

What are Standard Advertising Units? Many advertisers may run ads in several newspapers. Therefore, a Standard
Advertising Unit indicates a standard size for a full-page or
fractional-page ad that is acceptable to all newspapers.

What is co-op advertising? This is cooperative advertising, often between a retailer and a
manufacturer. For instance, if a retailer agrees to run an ad for a
manufacturer showing that company’s logo and product in an ad – along with
the retailer’s store name – the manufacturer agrees to pay for a
percentage of the ad.

When Should Publications Offer Discounts? Many publications offer frequency discounts if an advertiser books several ads over a period of time. Additionally, publications may offer an initial discount as an incentive to get new advertisers to purchase an ad with them and test their publication. 

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