Supplement FAQ’s

 What sort of information does a salesperson need from
an advertiser?

    • Newspaper supplements are often themed around
      special-interest readers (gardening, weddings, homecoming, etc.) or
      around seasonal events (Labor Day, Founders’ Day, etc.).
    • Consumer magazines may carry supplements based on news
      or product innovations. Or, they might carry entire themed sections that
      are sponsored by a single advertiser.
    • Trade/business magazine supplements might focus on
      marketing or management issues, professional expertise in a single area,
      or a certain new product category.

  1. Which ad supplements are the best

    We think some of the most successful are those in categories that appeal
    to a broad section of advertisers. For instance, a weekly newspaper’s
    "High School Homecoming Weekend" section might attract
    retailers, service providers, and everyone wishing to show support for
    that high school’s activities.

  2. How should my sales rep sell these supplements?
    The first year’s the hardest! After a theme supplement’s launched
    successfully, the next year it can be marketed with a sample of the
    previous year’s product. That first year, we suggest a "mock-up"
    edition, which graphically illustrates the layout, special editorial
    materials, and photos planned for the section.

  3. Do you have any ideas for supplements that can boost
    sales during the slow months of January and February?

    Winter discount pricing or after-holiday supplements might be successful.
    A focus on "winter products" might be marketed to coat
    retailers, snow blower dealers, ski shops, auto stores that sell snow
    tires, etc.

  4. Are advertisers more likely to buy ad space in a
    supplement that’s filled with syndicated material or editorial content
    written by staff?

    We’ve got no data on this. Our personal opinion: If the editorial product
    focuses on the supplement’s theme throughout – and if the news is timely,
    useful, and accurate – it doesn’t really matter who writes it.

  5. Supplements are great revenue-generators, but will our
    advertisers tire of them?

    Our feeling is that supplements can be overused. And, running them too
    frequently may detract from your standard publication.

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