Five Reasons You Should Buy Print Ads Today


  1. Print Ads Have Super High Conversion Rates. Perhaps the biggest stat that we’ve found that we want to shout from the rooftops to marketers everywhere is that PRINT AD CONVERSION RATES ARE SKY HIGH – Specifically from Phone Calls. We’ve seen from our internal data, as well as Invoca’s Call Intelligence Index, print ads with phone numbers convert at a staggering 30-50% – in comparison to just 1-2% conversion rates online. Source
  2. Print Ads Drive High ROI. From a study from Gfk – Print advertising appears to have the highest ROI across marketing methods: 120%! “GfK’s explanation for the outstanding performance of newspaper ads: The internal pacing of print ads enables confrontation at a suitable moment. If the message is relevant, the reader can decide to take his time to examine the offer. Because reach is built within 24 hours, newspapers perform very quickly.”Source
  3.  Print Ads Provide Superior Branding Benefits – Brands that advertise in print magazines achieve higher brand   favorability, purchase intent, and ad awareness than they do online or on TV. MPA Factbook
  4. Print Ads Reach Influencers – Print magazines rank #1 or #2 in reaching influential consumers MPA FactBook
  5. Newspaper Readers Take Action – According to an NNA Study, 4 out of 5 newspaper   readers take action in response to an ad. Source


MediaBids makes it easy to place print ads in newspapers and magazines. To get rates or to learn how you can place ads on a pay-per-call basis, contact s today at or 860-379-9602!



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