More New Print Advertisers! Great Products for Seniors!

MediaBids is pleased to offer a great new line of ads from a variety of products that cater specifically to the senior market. These items make life easier, and the ads are highly compelling. When you run one or more of these ads, you’ll get paid each time a reader makes a qualifying phone call. Take a look at a few of the print ads you can run in the pages of your next edition:

Wow! Computer

Wow! Computer is an easy to use computer made especially for older individuals.
Click Here to Request an Ad


The Perfect Sleep Chair

The Perfect Sleep Chair fully reclines but also tips forward to make it easier to get out of the chair. Click Here to Request an Ad


Jacuzzi Hydrotherapy Shower

This unique shower uses strategically placed jets of water to help relieve pain.
Click Here to Request an Ad


If you have questions about any of these ads, or would like to learn more about how MediaBids can help your publication, please call 860-379-9602 or email

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