The Pokemon Observer


It’s Friday afternoon. It’s the middle of Summer. Let’s have some fun for Peet’s sake!

Just for today, instead of the Print Observer, this is the ”Pokemon Observer.”

Pokemon Go

I know. I know. The Pokemon Go thing is in all out ”jump the shark” mode at this point (even though it’s only a week old.) I haven’t downloaded the app (and don’t plan to) but the news about it has been entertaining to say the least.

Here’s a list of a few of the best Pokemon Go ”news” reports from the past week:

Waiter There’s a Squirtle in My Soup

I was a Normal Person with a Life Until…

So, Uh, the President of Israel is Playing…

How to type the e…

Pokemon Go player Walks Right Through…

NASA Can We Play Pokemon Go In Space?

Sorry…did you say Pokemon nudes?

Is Pokemon Go an ”alien mind-control plot?”

Hope everyone is having a swell Friday, whether you like the Pokemon thing or not.

Post by Jim Jinks.

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