Generating First-Party Data from Print Ads

A topic on many marketers minds these days is how to overcome the challenge of a “cookie-less future” – some of the most popular ways to acquire and leverage third-party data will soon be no more. The good news? There’s still a trusted, proven way to generate super high-quality FIRST-party data for your brand AND set your ads apart from the competition – PRINT ADS in newspapers and magazines.

How? With some thoughtful touches to print creative, each response to an ad can provide valuable customer lead data. If you are able to take inbound calls, overlay a unique phone number from a vendor like or and you can receive unique information about each caller – from demographic info all the way to explicit conversation intelligence that maps out their behaviors and preferences. If you create a unique lead form or web page to feature in the print ad, prospects can opt-in to provide you with personal information to add to your database. Tools like can make it easy to create landing pages on the fly with form submissions that are importable to most CRMs.

Newspapers and magazines still provide a valuable brand awareness opportunity, but as a direct-response channel they are more measurable than ever before. Print ads that MediaBids placed in 2021 generated over 200,000 qualified leads for our advertisers. Print readers respond; print readers are your next new set of customers.

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