Newspaper Multiplatform Usage Study Results

Editor & Publisher Website

Editor & Publisher featured an interesting editorial  piece that discusses the results of the recent Newspaper Multiplatform Usage study conducted by the NNA. 

 Some notable findings of the study: 

  • Newspapers reach 74% of Internet users in an average week across multiple platforms and devices.
  • More than 161 million adults read newspapers in print, online, and on mobile devices in the past week.
  • Multiple platforms are used by 54% of consumers who access newspaper content in an average week.
  • Newspaper media consumers act on newspaper digital ads — 66% took action on an ad in the past month.
  • Newspaper circulars are used by 73% of newspaper media users in an average month.

Full text can be found here:–Why-Newspapers-Are-a-Better-Ad-Buy

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