What does Ron Burgundy have to do with newspapers?

First of all it has taken way to long for the return of Ron
Burgundy, so for the most part, we are sharing this link because we’re fans (see below.) 

But we couldn’t help but notice the AOL.com writer’s apparent surprise that Dodge
would dare to use ”print” to promote their cars and trucks.
Newspapers are still alive, still among the most trusted media source (just after word-of-mouth for Pete’s sake!), ”print” still gets the second largest share of the overall advertising pie and print does still move people ”down-the-funnel” to the sale. 

Based on the AOL writer’s "even in print” comment, perhaps newspapers and magazines need to remind everyone of their value. Hint: It has less to do with their corporate owners’ share price. Perhaps it is time for newspapers to have their ”Got Milk" moment.



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