Top 10 US Daily Newspapers

Stack of newspapers, eyeglasses on table

Here are MediaBids we work with a wide variety of newspaper publishers – our network includes dailies as well as weeklies, alternatives and shoppers.  Here is a list of the Top 10 US Daily Newspapers ranked by circulation:

  1. USA Today– 2,301,917 (Gannett)
  2. The New York Times– 2,101,611 (New York Times Co)
  3. The Wall Street Journal– 1,337,376 (Dow Jones & Co Inc)
  4. Los Angeles Times– 467,309 (Tribune)
  5. New York Post– 424,721 (News Corp)
  6. Chicago Tribune– 384,962 (Tribune)
  7. The Washington Post– 356,768 (Nash Holdings LLC)
  8. Newsday– 321,296 (Newsday LLC)
  9. New York Daily News– 299,538 (Daily News LP)
  10. am New York– 298,759 (Newsday LLC)

Source: Cision

An article that came out in the Atlantic a couple weeks ago outlines the number of stories published by newspaper per day and not surprisingly, those with the largest circulation are among the biggest content producers as well.  The Washington Post staff publishes 500 stories per day online, 230 for the New York Times, and 240 for the Wall Street Journal.  The total space in the print edition devoted to news though, has largely remained unchanged.

For help buying advertising in these papers and others, contact us at Mediabids at 860-379-9602.  To register your newspaper or magazine, click here.

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