Magazines Outperform Digital Video & Display to Deliver the Highest ROAS across all CPG Advertising Categories


Last week, as reported by ADWEEK and AdAge, Nielsen Catalina Solutions revealed exciting results from their study on how media spending across various channels affect sales.

Unveiled at the Advertising Research Foundation’s Audience Measurement conference, the study highlighted that magazines deliver the highest ROAS (return on advertising spend) across all CPG categories with an average return of $3.94 for every ad dollar spent.  This is compared to $2.63 ROAS for display ads, and just $1.53 for digital video.  Surprising statistics considering many advertisers are moving budget in the digital direction.

Magazines performed particularly strongly in the categories of food, general merchandise, health and beauty, as well as over-the-counter products and reward/sweepstakes and promotion/coupon ads drove the highest returns.

“Everybody wants to be in digital video,” Ms. Wood (Nielsen Catalina Chief Research Officer) said. “There is very little inventory, so the price is high. It’s the reverse in magazines, which are undervalued in the marketplace.”

So while many brands are chasing all the latest technologically advanced ad inventory, it cannot be ignored that magazines are still a powerful part of the marketing mix for CPG brands.

While views, shares, and likes may be exciting social statistics for digital advertising, most marketers would agree that return on investment is still one of the most, if not the most important measurements of campaign success.

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Post by Darcy Mauke

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